What was I thinking....


BoI don't know. I came up with the photo of the day idea because I was bored and needed something to get me motivated creatively after I got fired. I already enjoyed taking photos and knew this would force me to really open my eyes, looking for moments, subjects or anything to shoot. Some days I don't get my camera out fast enough.


I initially posted my photos as an album on Facebook to share with friends. I started in July of 2010 and went back to my b-day in June. That’s why there are only a few photos in the first month and why it starts in the middle of the year.



BoI have a couple of photography books I'm working on and this project would help feed the need for content, but more importantly, help maintain a level of creative momentum. The best part - there are NO rules. Everything is valid; the interesting, of course, the silly, because its funny (at least to me) or the mundane, just because.


I try to take a photo every day, but sometimes I don’t. Of course some days I take way more than one. Vacations and events are big occasions though I try not to post photos of family and friends. I didn’t really come to this decision until a little ways into this so you’ll see a few faces in the early months of this project.