i made this

i'm good at editing & animation

i made these for nothing bundt cake

the one long format video is for a campaign promotion for a client presentation. the others are social videos for some of their promotions this past year.

i made these for chili’s social

we did a whole series of short animations for art of the burger's recent promotion. we only did one video for fajita show but bringing the marquee to life was a lot of fun.

some other stuff i made

these are a small collection of videos i've done for some other clients. the fish city grll shrimp guy was fun to animate. the color grading and green screen work was a bit of a challenge for benchmark bank. it's a little bit of everything.

my baby had a birthday

for my daughter's 24th birthday i went back through some of my old home videos. i focused on the day she born and the next few days for this video. she's still my baby.

i'm good at editing & animation