i made this

i'm good at production & design

there are chili's all over

the vast majority of the work i've done for chili's global division has been around promotions that occur a few times a year. some are smaller promotions with only a dozen or so elements. some promotions are full 360° blowouts with dozens of elements including print, social, swag and video. my part in these promotions has been retouching, mechanical production, social elements, including static and animated elements. the few here are just a couple of the print elements from a couple of the promotions.

some jobs are big

it seems like a really long time since i worked on anything other that menus or food/restaurant related print files. it was nice to work on something that didn't make me hungry. but for the life of me I can't image ever having to sit in a classroom with other people.

sometimes my work is outdoors

i'm good at production & design