i shot these

i take lots of photos

one of my favorite foods, cookies

having clients is a great thing, but having clients with amazing products is even better. this client is a wizard with cookies flavors. she makes some of the best desserts in cookie form and though i'm a huge chocolate fan her chocolate flavors are only some of my favorites. her stuffed carrot cake and dark chocolate cherry walnut were amazing. i say "were" because they were only on the menu temporarily.

one of my favorite topics, food

i've been doing my photo of the day project for 10 years. i started keeping track of the photos in the last few years. during that time about 90-100 days a year are photos of food of some sort. having worked on a lot of menus and restaurant clients over my career i think i picked up a few tips. it doesn't hurt that I like to cook and like to eat even more.

places i've been

God is in the details

i love dogs

i take lots of photos